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IWA 5’s most salient characteristics are balance and complexity – it is rich yet weightless. It is all about coherence and harmony, a seamless flow of sensations.

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Number 5

5 is the universal number of balance and harmony, a symbol of union and quintessence. For IWA, the number 5 represents Assemblage itself.

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The making of IWA 5 is synonymous with the striving for perfect balance, by design. Such ambition cannot be achieved through a single brew – Assemblage is the answer.

IWA 5’s unique balance makes its richness astoundingly weightless. Complexity is inherent to Assemblage as well, arising from the diversity of the elemental characteristics.

Assemblage is the art form of blending. It is IWA’s signature. IWA 5’s Assemblage adds a new paradigm to the existing paradigm, a new layer in the long established process of rice polishing. The more elements comprise it, the more robust the balance and the better the Assemblage.

Experimentation image Experimentation image

The making of IWA will always continue in the spirit of experiment, of pushing the envelope. This is IWA’s contribution to the New Craft of Sake. Nothing will ever be rigidly fixed.

Each new Assemblage will be perceptibly different from the previous one, yet unmistakably IWA. An invitation in the future to a playful comparison of the successive Assemblages – a vertical tasting of IWA – and to new, extended experiences.

Maturation image Maturation image

Actually, more than simply displaying great stability, IWA 5 keeps improving over time. This opens up exciting new prospects. A real promise, something unconventional we will continue to explore.

IWA 5 has the capacity to be cellared for years at low temperatures in all confidence and with the highest expectations of what the future holds in store.


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