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Keeps experimenting
and breaking new ground

While IWA 5 has pioneered Assemblage in the age-old world of Sake, IWA 5 RESERVES is now offering a new path to the maturation of Sake. An invitation to explore deeper into the singularity of the production: the signature combination of Assemblage and bottle maturation achieves IWA’s essential balance, vibrancy and complexity.

Pushing the boundaries
one step further

The fullest expression of a philosophy where IWA Sakes are deliberately allowed to evolve and improve over time in the bottle. Whereas the successive Assemblages are primarily made out of young Sakes, IWA 5 RESERVES is the Assemblage of bottle-matured individual Sakes exclusively. All these base elements are drawn from the five-year collection of Reserve Sakes, with an average age of 3.5 years. Distinct from IWA 5, IWA 5 RESERVES will deliver continuity of expression across the years, setting a horizon for IWA’s production.

A moment of breathing to fully reveal its savory complexity

The envelope is hazy in the first place, it then builds up into greater viscosity and vibrancy. A sensation of harmony emerges, profound and serene. Still the energy remains, extending through a spicy dry powdered finish.


  Rhubarb,    blackcurrant leaves,    fig,    raw date,    azuki beans,    cashew,    chestnut,    toasted coconut,    vanilla,    sansho pepper,    cinnamon,    licorice


White Burgundy glass at room temperature (15-16°C).
Can also be enjoyed hitohadakan (Body temperature 37°C).

Ingredients: Rice, Water, Koji
Energetic Value: 113cal/ 100ml

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